The FLASH project  adopts an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the role of healthcare financing mechanisms in adressing future challenges of health and care.Through our research, we provide new evidence on the ability of existing financing mechanisms and contracts to tackle these challenges, sparking innovative solutions for a more effective, efficient, and equitable healthcare system. Join us on this transformative journey.

  1. Defining financing models that address health needs in an efficient and equitable way
  2. Identifying the key determinants of resilience of healthcare systems in order to improve the ability to face extreme events, as well as long-term structural changes
  3. Providing guidance on how better integration of healthcare services could enhance effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare provision
  4.  Contributing to a better understanding of the impact of existing incentives and developing new ones
  • Building evidence on the nature and economic implications of the resilience and sustainability of healthcare providers during periods of pressure and/or health shocks
  • Enabling authorities responsible of the provision of healthcare to better address financial challenges related to technological innovation
  • Reaching a better understanding of how the allocation of resources could be improved to meet population’s needs
  • Filling the empirical and theoretical gap in understanding the financing mechanisms adopted in Europe and identifying new possible models of financial incentives
  • Developing a theoretical framework and practical methodologies to understand and manage patient mobility across EU countries
  • Building evidence on how a better integrated health and social care services for old people could improve health access and promote better health

Funded by the European Union. 

Grant Agreement No 101057971